Moderate Sleep Apnea Symptoms Could Be Improved by a Mandibular Advancement Device

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that affects millions of Americans each year. Common symptoms often include snoring problems and breathing interruption while sleeping. It’s important to have the severity of your sleep apnea professionally diagnosed. This will help determine the most effective method needed to treat your symptoms. If you are suffering from… Read more »

The Tooth-Healthy Foods that Can Keep Your Oral Health in Top-Notch Condition

You deserve to have a smile and oral health that are in tip-top shape. However, there are things you need to do to achieve that goal, including keeping up on oral hygiene, visiting your dentist, and eating and drinking tooth-healthy foods and drinks. However, it might be tough to consume tooth-healthy products if you’re not… Read more »

Rehabbing Your Smile After a Successful Tooth Extraction Procedure

Rehabbing your smile after a successful tooth extraction procedure begins before the procedure has even started. Always plan ahead for any major treatments you may undergo to ensure your lifestyle is prepared for any changes that could occur, no matter how short or long they may be. A simple misstep could ruin your recovery and… Read more »

The Many Dangers Teens Face with Their Oral Health

Coming of age often includes the coming of many more risks to our oral health. The life of a teenager can be plagued with peer pressure and risks that seek to damage their smiles in all sorts of ways. Although they are just beginning to grow into their adult teeth, it is at this time… Read more »

The New Age of Dental Veneers

The new age of dental veneers has begun. With the revolution in great teeth provided by veneers in full swing, everybody from movie stars to the everyday common man is looking to make their teeth magnificent. Dental veneers can fix nearly every smile and turn them into visual masterpieces that everyone could marvel at. If… Read more »

A Simple Fluoride Treatment Can Give You Strong, Healthy Tooth Enamel

As you go about your day, the natural bacteria in your mouth as well as the acidic foods and beverages you consume can gradually erode the mineral density of your tooth enamel. If the process of demineralization is not counteracted on a daily basis, your teeth will become more prone to tooth decay and sensitivity…. Read more »

Dental Emergencies: What Are They?

We understand that a dental emergency can be a stressful time for everyone involved. We also understand that people are rarely truly prepared for an emergency. Of course, our team is here to help and will be happy to offer you advice tailored to your emergency—but we also understand that if you know what to… Read more »

Protecting Your Gums From Gum Recession

Have you noticed that your teeth are looking longer? Are your gums red or swollen? If you notice these or similar issues, you could be dealing with a serious condition known as gum recession. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to avoid and address this problem. However, please note that individuals with… Read more »

Composite vs Amalgam Fillings: Which is better?

If you have cavities that need to be filled, you have several options available to you. The advent of resin-based composite fillings acts as a welcome counterpart to metal fillings, which have been widely in use for over a century. At Culebra North Dental Care we are pleased to offer both amalgam and composite fillings… Read more »

All You Need to Know About the Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Many people are afraid of the dental office, mostly because of the dental drill. If you are one of those people, there is no need to be nervous for your dental appointments at ! Your dentist, Dr. , proudly offers laser dentistry to help you feel more comfortable and confident in the dental chair. Laser… Read more »