A Prescription Snore Guard Needs Daily Care and Cleaning

A prescription snore guard from provided by Dr. can help provide significant relief from mild to moderate sleep apnea symptoms. There are several different styles and designs of snore guards. The one that is right for you will be based on several different factors, including your personal preference. If you have a tongue stabilizing device,… Read more »

Know the Difference between Good and Bad Foods

Did you know that while there are many foods that can damage or destroy your teeth, there are also many foods that can build and strengthen them? Although the process of chewing and eating will wear your smile down over the years, there are many products that can keep your teeth strong for a lifetime… Read more »

Choosing Healthy Foods for Your Beautiful Smile

Have you ever wondered what foods were best for your smile? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people strive for a healthier lifestyle, which includes keeping your teeth healthy too. That is why Dr. at in , , is happy to give you tips and advice on choosing healthy foods for your beautiful… Read more »

Dental Trauma That Knocks a Tooth Out Requires First Aid While Seeking Dental Care

Dental trauma from an unprotected blow to the face during sports, or another form of household accident, can cause significant harm. If the impact carried enough force to break a tooth off at the gum line, or completely knock it out of the socket, you will need to apply some first aid principles while seeking… Read more »

The Facts About Enamel Erosion

Would you be surprised to hear that there are several things you should consider if you’re hoping to enjoy a healthy smile? For example, you might have heard that you should brush and floss your teeth regularly to clean your teeth and avoid cavities. Still, have you heard that a cavity might actually weaken your… Read more »

Overcharge Your Smile with Dental Veneers

Sometimes even a simple smile can brighten someone’s gloomy day. However, many people don’t smile not because they are miserable or want to remove any chance of giving someone else unintended joy, but rather because they are embarrassed by their smile. If a person has poor or damaged teeth, their self-esteem will drop along with… Read more »

A Fluoride Treatment Can Help Reduce Tooth Sensitivity Problems Related to Enamel Erosion

The enamel layer on your teeth have microscopic textures. If you have oral hygiene issues or if you consume a lot of acidic foods and beverages throughout the course of a day, it can gradually deplete some of the mineral density of your teeth. This can cause the textures to expand. If it’s not counteracted… Read more »

Moderate Sleep Apnea Symptoms Could Be Improved by a Mandibular Advancement Device

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that affects millions of Americans each year. Common symptoms often include snoring problems and breathing interruption while sleeping. It’s important to have the severity of your sleep apnea professionally diagnosed. This will help determine the most effective method needed to treat your symptoms. If you are suffering from… Read more »

The Tooth-Healthy Foods that Can Keep Your Oral Health in Top-Notch Condition

You deserve to have a smile and oral health that are in tip-top shape. However, there are things you need to do to achieve that goal, including keeping up on oral hygiene, visiting your dentist, and eating and drinking tooth-healthy foods and drinks. However, it might be tough to consume tooth-healthy products if you’re not… Read more »

Rehabbing Your Smile After a Successful Tooth Extraction Procedure

Rehabbing your smile after a successful tooth extraction procedure begins before the procedure has even started. Always plan ahead for any major treatments you may undergo to ensure your lifestyle is prepared for any changes that could occur, no matter how short or long they may be. A simple misstep could ruin your recovery and… Read more »