The development of significant oral health issues or the occurrence of a bad accident can result in the need for restorative dentistry. We encourage you to not put off seeing Dr. Jonathan E. Quillian for treatment since some dental problems can’t be repaired with simple routine work. The process of full mouth reconstruction can help you overcome tooth damage to achieve a more attractive and healthy smile.

Significant dental concerns such as tooth loss are typically the reason why patients may need to undergo full mouth reconstruction following a disease or trauma. While the point of this method of treatment is to help your mouth regain healthy oral function, we can offer cosmetic results as well to improve smile appearance. Your treatment is based on a custom plan designed by you and our doctor in advance to provide the results that you need and desire.

Some of the benefits of full mouth reconstruction may be elements you would not expect. For example, we can address any jaw pain or the occurrence of a clicking noise when chewing to improve your jaw structure. Additionally, if your tooth alignment is unhealthy and causing you bad breath and dental pain, we can help to even out your smile and make it easier to clean. This can also help you sleep better since dental pain is not keeping you awake.

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