It is crucial to make sure you take the necessary steps to protect your mouth from dangers that can occur this holiday season. For Halloween, several treats and sweets can easily damage your smile. This includes substances that can wear down your tooth enamel or even cause oral accidents to arise. Listed below are a few candies you should be careful with or avoid altogether:

– Sticky candy, including products such as caramels, taffy, and gummies, is known to hang around in your mouth long after consuming it. Once these products are on your teeth and gums, it can be difficult to wash them away. Furthermore, sticky and chewy sweets can lead to increased rates of tooth decay.

– Do not bite directly into hard candy or you could do serious damage to your smile. Hard candy, including candy apples, can easily chip and crack your teeth if you are not careful.

– Even though many forms of candy often contain sugar, which is hazardous to your health, sour candy includes the added hazard of an extremely low pH level. Lower pH levels mean higher acidity, which raises the risk of enamel loss and dental erosion.

– Popcorn kernels are extremely dangerous for your smile, as they can chip and crack your teeth or become lodged in between teeth. Furthermore, popcorn balls are very popular during the Halloween season and should be bitten into with care.

Culebra North Dental Care wishes you all a safe and happy Halloween! We look forward to seeing you in our office soon! If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jonathan E. Quillian, please call us at 210-761-5452, or stop by our office in San Antonio, Texas.