Bruxism is a fairly common oral health disorder characterized by the unconscious grinding of your teeth. The most common form is sleep bruxism, which occurs as you rest. If you not sure if you have bruxism, here are some questions to ask yourself:

– Do you experience tooth sensitivity while eating or drinking?
– Do you suffer from dental erosion?
– Do you have pain in your head that appears to be similar to an earache but doesn’t seem to be caused by the ear?
– Does your jaw lock up easily?
– Do you have any unexplained chips, cracks, fractures, or splits on your teeth?
– Do you have any strange indentations or markings on your tongue?
– Does your partner say that you grind and gnash your teeth while you sleep?
– Are your cheeks damaged on the inside?
– Do your teeth look dull or flat?

Is it treatable? Why, yes it certainly is. If you believe you have bruxism, or if your jaw or teeth are giving you any kind of pain, you can call Culebra North Dental Care to set an appointment to see Dr. Jonathan E. Quillian and our team. Our office is located in San Antonio, Texas, and we can be reached at 210-761-5452.