Did you know that you should protect your teeth from oral health hazards? Well, it’s true! Your teeth could be damaged from oral accidents and painful injuries or could wear down over time due to tooth decay. No matter what hazards your smile is faced with, there are various habits and health risks you should be aware of.

Avoid bad habits that can chip, crack, and overall harm your teeth. This includes smoking, chewing tobacco, and using drugs, which can end up claiming your life as well as your oral health. All of these habits are extremely harmful to your health and can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and even oral cancer. Also avoid wearing mouth jewelry, as it can crack or chip your teeth easily, as well as cut your gums and increase your risk for infections and painful situations.

Mouth jewelry is not the only thing that can crack and chip your teeth—so can hard or overly tough foods. Foods such as corn on the cob and candy apples are tough on the teeth and can split a tooth in a single bite if you are not careful. Likewise, never use your mouth to open any products, such as soda bottles or food container lids. That is what your hands are for.

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