When your gum tissue becomes infected, usually due to unsuitable care, it is referred to as periodontal disease or gum disease. If it is not treated, by its advanced stages it can ultimately lead to the loss of teeth.

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is an oral health issue that results from an infection of your gums, often attributed to plaque buildup in your mouth. Gum disease characteristically causes your gum tissue to erode away. This can lead to an assortment of symptoms including bleeding gums, constant bad breath, loose and wobbly teeth, and a drawn back look to your smile.

Various unhealthy habits and choices in your life can vastly increase your risk for gum disease. Countless medications you may be taking can cause dry mouth symptoms. Dry mouth increases your risk for a variety of oral health problems including gum disease. Furthermore, extremely bad habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco can destroy your gums and directly lead to gum disease.

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