Did you know that while there are many foods that can damage or destroy your teeth, there are also many foods that can build and strengthen them? Although the process of chewing and eating will wear your smile down over the years, there are many products that can keep your teeth strong for a lifetime of optimum oral health.

One of the best natural defenses your mouth has is via tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is a natural layer on your teeth that keeps them safe from infections and disease. However, enamel can be worn down via an oral injury or harmful acids. Luckily, minerals such as calcium and phosphorus have been shown to help keep your enamel safe and strong so your teeth can continue to serve you well for the rest of your life. This includes foods such as chicken, milk, nuts, and a variety of cheeses.

Saliva is crucial for keeping your mouth clean and clear of harmful acids that lead to dental erosion. Saliva can neutralize harmful acids in your mouth and assist in washing them away. Crunchy foods with a large water content, such as apples and pears, can help promote the production of saliva and assist in washing away harmful debris. Chewing sugarless gum has also been proven effective in its ability to spur on saliva production.

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