If you have cavities that need to be filled, you have several options available to you. The advent of resin-based composite fillings acts as a welcome counterpart to metal fillings, which have been widely in use for over a century. At Culebra North Dental Care we are pleased to offer both amalgam and composite fillings for our patients in San Antonio, Texas. Both have their advantages, and today we’re going to review some of the advantages of each.

Advantages of composite fillings:

  • Can be matched to the color of your teeth.
  • Can be used on cavities too small for amalgams.
  • Can be repaired multiple times without having to remove the original filling.
  • Can last from seven to ten years.
  • Do not contain mercury.
  • More preventative to a tooth fracture.
  • Do not leak like an amalgam filling can.

Advantages of amalgam fillings:

  • Can last longer than composite fillings in large cavities.
  • Are typically more affordable.
  • Easier and quicker for the dentist to place.
  • Have a 150-year track record of quality and reliability.

If you are unsure which type of filling is best for you, Dr. Jonathan E. Quillian and our Culebra North Dental Care team can help. We invite you to call us at 210-761-5452, or visit our office in San Antonio, Texas. To enjoy a cavity-free Thanksgiving, give us a call today. We look forward to helping you have a healthy, happy, holiday!