In the vast majority of cases, issues with gum disease and tooth decay prove to be a direct result of an ineffective oral hygiene routine. Of course maintaining good oral health is about more than simply brushing and flossing occasionally. In fact, it incorporates many important facets.

The quality of products you use, will greatly improve the effectiveness of your daily oral hygiene routine. You should only consider purchasing oral hygiene products that have earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This seal represents that the product has been researched and tested for safety and effectiveness.

According to the ADA, an effective oral hygiene routine is founded on brushing and flossing your teeth twice each day. When brushing you should use a soft-bristled toothbrush and abrasive toothpaste.

Once you are done brushing all of your teeth, you should floss between your teeth as well as into the gum line. If you’ve had problems working the floss between your teeth, you might want to try using waxed dental floss. The waxy coating on the strand helps it slip easily between teeth and into hard to reach places.

Once you’re done brushing and flossing can then rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash to kill bacteria, remove loosened food particles and freshen your breath. Just keep in mind that antiseptic mouthwash cannot replace dental floss.

Attending your twice-annual dental checkup with Culebra North Dental Care is also critical for maintaining good oral health. The checkup includes a thorough cleaning procedure, as well as an examine to detect gum disease, tooth decay and oral cancer.

If you have questions or concerns about one or more aspects of your oral health, you should call Culebra North Dental Care’s clinic in San Antonio, Texas at 210-761-5452 to schedule an appointment.