Did you know that there are potential complications of wisdom tooth removal? Well, it’s true! There are two complications that can occur, and Dr. Jonathan E. Quillian and our Culebra North Dental Care team recommend avoiding them as much as possible. Those complications are:

-Dry socket: Dry socket is a common complication that occurs when the blood clot in your bone socket is dislodged or when the blood clot fails to form in the first place. When these things happen, you will experience severe pain and you will even smell a foul oral odor. To treat this complication, your dentist will place medication in the bone socket.

-Paresthesia: Paresthesia is a rare complication that occurs during the tooth removal process. Because the wisdom teeth are so close to your oral nerves, there is a chance that those nerves can become damaged or bruised during treatment. As a result, your tongue, lips, and chin will become numb. This result can last for days, weeks, and even months.

As you can see, these complications are painful, inconvenient, and bothersome, which is why we encourage you to avoid them at all costs. If you need help doing so, we encourage you to call our office at 210-761-5452 at your earliest convenience. When you talk to your dentist or member of our dental team, you will have the tips you need to avoid wisdom tooth extraction complications in San Antonio, Texas. We look forward to helping you!