If you have multiple teeth with old fillings, crowns that no longer match the surrounding teeth, multiple teeth with cavities, or missing teeth, you might want to talk to Culebra North Dental Care about full mouth rehabilitation. This could also extend to orthodontic issues, with the alignment of your teeth, the health of your smile as well as under and overbite problems.

Full mouth rehabilitation is essentially restorative dentistry that has been designed to address multiple problem areas.

The first step in the process involves Culebra North Dental Care performing a comprehensive examination of your mouth to identify any and all problem areas. This serves to explore your treatment options and come up with a rehabilitation dentistry plan.

Each compromised tooth will be addressed either with a new filling, crown, dental veneer. If you’ve lost one or more teeth, or you have teeth that are severely compromised and require extraction, Culebra North Dental Care can install a bridge to restore them.

Full mouth rehabilitation also looks at the health of your gums and will address any and all issues related to gum disease. This might include preventative measures, improvements in your oral hygiene routine, additional dental cleanings or in extreme cases gum surgery.

With these issues in hand, the full mouth rehabilitation also looks at jaw structure and the health of your temporomandibular joints. If it is found that you have issues related to TMJ disorder, we can help explore your treatment options. In many cases, this might be as simple as using a night guard to mitigate the tension caused by grinding your teeth at night. In more extreme cases it might require medications for inflammation or even surgical intervention.

If you have questions about full mouth rehabilitation, please feel free to call Culebra North Dental Care at 210-761-5452 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you restore your mouth.