Did you know that there are ways to relieve your toothache in San Antonio, Texas? Well, it’s true! Oftentimes, there are small issues that create the ache, and you can solve the problems within the walls of your own home. To help you have the comfort you deserve, our Culebra North Dental Care team recommends doing the following things:

-Step No. 1: Thoroughly rinse your mouth with warm water. Swish it around for about a minute or so.

-Step No. 2: Use dental floss to clean between each tooth. Your toothache may be caused by a lodged piece of food that is irritating the tooth and gums.

-Step No. 3: If the toothache also involves some swelling, ice outside the area in 30-minute intervals. Icing will reduce the swelling and provide some comfort.

-Step No. 4: Take over-the-counter pain medication if the discomfort is too tough to handle. Please do not place the medication directly onto the gums surrounding the tooth. Doing so can burn the gum tissue.

-Step No. 5: If these tips do not work or if your toothache does not go away within a couple days, please visit your dentist.

For more information and tips, please call 210-761-5452 today and schedule an appointment with your dentist, Dr. Jonathan E. Quillian. The more you know about toothaches, the better off your smile will be. We look forward to hearing from you!