There are many good reasons to see your dentist. If you are serious about your oral health and want a beautiful, healthy smile, you will be seeing your dentist in San Antonio, Texas at least twice a year for scheduled cleanings.

Not only will your dentist perform a thorough deep cleaning, removing tartar and calculus from your precious pearly whites, but also from your gums and gum line. In addition, your dentist will inspect old fillings, crowns, dentures or bridges—any kind of previous dental work done to make sure everything is functioning as it should be.

Other reasons you will want to see your dentist in San Antonio, Texas include:

–Missing tooth or teeth, and want to fix the gap and make sure your bite is not adversely affected.
–Dry mouth that never seems to go away.
–Bleeding, swollen, red or tender gums.
–Mouth sores that don’t go away, or keep recurring.
–Persistent pain in the mouth.
–Unrelenting toothache.
–Steady, frequent tobacco use.
–Pain in the jaw when chewing, swallowing, or when opening or closing your mouth.
–Medical conditions including: pregnancy, heart disease, diabetes, or are HIV positive.
–Undergoing medical treatment including: hormone replacement therapy, chemotherapy, radiation treatment.

Something as simple as mouth sores can be cause by colds or virus, by infection, anemia, burns, cancer (rarely), thrush, vitamin deficiency, or medications–to name just a few. They can also be caused by irritation from braces, implants, crowns or bridges that may require some kind of adjustment. Mouth sores can develop on the tongue, gums, lips, or inside the cheeks. They can be quite painful when eating or chewing.

Working with your dentist is just as vital as working with your doctor in ensuring excellent health and well-being. Don’t ignore signs and symptoms that suggest treatment is needed.

We invite you to call our office at 210-761-5452 in San Antonio, Texas to address and concerns you may have and let us help you restore your beautiful, healthy smile!